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Take this opportunity to explore Hawaii with the people who know it best: native tour guides. Experienced in many areas of touring, our native tour guides are familiar with the people, places, and land. They’ll show you where to go, who to meet, and how to have a great time. In addition to being knowledgeable and experienced in touring, each guide has a cheerful attitude that will keep your trip entertaining, lively, and fun. They will enhance your journey and magnify your enjoyment to its fullest. You’ll find a variety of adventures waiting just for you, given from an insider’s perspective that only a native tour guide can offer.

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My name is Robert Tuufuli and I have lived in Hawaii for well over 25 years now. I have lived in places such as New York, New Zealand and Samoa, but for some reason have always found my way back to Hawaii. I was a professional fire knife dancer for over ten years. My uncle and mentor (Chief Sielu Avea) was the winner of the first world fire knife dancing competition back in 1993. Fire knife dancing has afforded me the opportunities to travel to countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Poland, Australia and many others. Being exposed to so many different cultures has given me a better appreciation of this tiny little place called Hawaii

My name is Leon and standing at 6 ft 5 inches tall, can be mistaken for a big and burly man but am actually very fragile. Compared to the Polynesians of old, who were measured at an average of well over 7 ft tall, I would have been very small. My hobbies are playing rugby and exploring the other Hawaiian Islands. I was a member of the Samoan U19 rugby team but decided that my body was taking too much of a beating so I moved to Hawaii to further my education. The similarities of Hawaii and Samoa are a plenty which is why the transition to moving to a new place has been a lot easier than most.

My name is Pili Uili. I am a special person because my first name rhymes with my last name. In the three years I have done tours, I have introduced myself as Pili but for some reason, am always referred to by my guests as Billy. Hey but the same could be said with the differences of saying the words potato or tomato, depending on whether your from the U.S or New Zealand. Same thing right? One thing that I can boast about that perhaps none of my other co workers can, is despite being a man of large stature, I am able to climb a coconut tree barefoot. Don’t believe me, come to Hawaii and find out.

I am Rudy. I was born in Manua, (American Samoa) a small island that once ruled the whole pacific in the 6th Century. I am often referred to as the Tui Manua or the emperor due to my backround and my intelligence. I moved to Hawaii in 1995 to attend Leleihua High School. I started working as a tour guide in 2004 and have been doing it ever since with great enthusiasm. With the contacts and experience built over these years I am able to help you in your travel as a Cultural Specialist. I pride myself on my ability to add a personal touch to every tour I handle. It is extremely important to me that my guests return home with an experience to remember, not just an excuse to cross a destination

My name is Mose and I was born and raised in American Samoa. I received a bachelor degree in Social Work in 2002 and later became a high school teacher in Utah for a year. After, I return home to Samoa to serve my country by working for the Child Protective Services Department. I received a tour guide certificate in 2004 and worked as full time escort for Best of Oahu Company since until I was called in to military active duty last year. I enjoy traveling, dancing and singing.

My name is Gunderson. That’s right…Gunderson. To whom what or where this name derives from I will never know. I am going to venture out and say that my special name comes from the mighty beings who created this beautiful island, which explains my presence here today. Like my work colleagues I am an entertainer but one of a different kind. I have the unique talent of making people laugh. The question is whether they are laughing with me or at me…? Along with song and dance, laughter plays a big role amongst Polynesian people in their cultures. I moved to Hawaii as a teenager and am proud to call this place my home away from home.

My name is Ken Ainu’u and like many of my co workers, I am originally from the islands of Samoa. I graduated from Brigham Young University in 2002 with a degree in Pacific Island Studies. Since then I have worked in the tourism industry furthering my knowledge about Hawaii and the great history this island has to offer. An important part of Hawaii’s culture is a ceremonial drink known as kava. This drink is commonly used in other Polynesian islands such as Tonga, Samoa and Fiji for ceremonial purposes. I have a kava lab set up at my house which is open for all to try.

My name is Kiri and I have been a state certified tour guide for over seven years now. I come to Hawaii by way of Samoa and was educated at Brigham Young University Hawaii Campus. Six years ago I was given the privilege of becoming a Samoan Chief with the title of Seiuli. While this name bears many distinctions and meanings, to me it simply translates to “Tall Dark and Handsome…?”. I have been an entertainer almost all my life and through the years, I have helped choreograph dance groups who have travelled the world. It has been my pleasure to share the knowledge I have attained over the years of these beautiful islands (Hawaii) in which I now call home.

Aloha! My name is Vetti and probably the youngest escort in the group. I was born on a small island called Upolu, in Western Samoa where most of my family still live. I started as a tour escort at the Polynesian Cultural Center, while attending Brigham Young University. Besides working as a tour guide, I have traveled abroad with Polynesian Cultural Center Promo team as a dancer. I am passionate about sports and history. My deep love for my culture is essential to my service as an escort.

My name is Kalili Alaiasa but most people call me “Junior”. I moved to Hawaii from Samoa in 1993 and have never left. I grew up dancing and singing and have been able to further that venture while here in Hawaii. My brothers and I released a CD a few years ago and are still making music even today. I was also a professional Polynesian dancer for the Polynesian Cultural Center for about ten years. Dancing is now a thing of the past because I went from wearing a size 34 pants to a size anything skirt…? Despite owning my own business, one of my joys is sharing what these beautiful islands have to offer.

My name is Laie and I was born on this beautiful island of Oahu. My parents named me after the town I was raised in until we moved away. I moved back to Hawaii in 1998 and have resided in the town in which I am named after ever since. Laie, the town is located on the north shore of Hawaii and despite its small residential area, boasts many well visited attractions such as The Polynesian Cultural Center, The Mormon Temple, and Brigham Young University. But of the many attractions found in this town, it is safe to say that most come to listen, learn and hear from him whom bears the same name as the town…me?

My name is Sia. I was born and raised in Samoa but moved to Hawaii four years ago to attend Brigham Young University. I just graduated with a degree in Political Science and aiming to pursue Law School. I am fascinated with Hawaiian History. I know this island better than most locals. Each time I give a tour I still discover something new. I have studied almost every inch of this island, exploring its tormented and rich history, living its dynamic present. There was a lot of homework to do here. I’ve done it all. Let me share it with you.

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