Hawaiian Luaus

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  • Germaines Luau
    Backyard Style Luau
    Includes Tranportation
    West Oahu 1 hr. drive
    Starting at:
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  • Polynesian Cultural Center
    Spectacular Evening Show
    Best Value for your money
    North Shore 1 hr. drive
    Starting at:
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  • Paradise Cove
    Beautiful Beach Location
    Participate in Arts & Crafts
    West Oahu 1 hr. drive
    Starting at:
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  • Chief's Luau
    #1 Rated Luau by Trip Advisor
    Best Audience Interaction
    South Oahu 30 min.
    Starting at:
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  • Royal Hawaiian Luau
    Spectacular Dinner Buffet
    Held on Mondays only
    At Waikiki Beach Locale
    Starting at:
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One Day Neighborhood Tour - Oahu

  • 44 miles long, 30 miles wide, 112 miles around, Oahu is the 3rd largest among the Hawaiian Islands
  • Honolulu, the capitalof Hawaii is located in the island of Oahu.
  • 1,500 miles long. About the span from LA to Denver, Colorado!
  • Take off, fly and land in 23 minutes. That’s how long it takes from Oahu to the island of Maui.
  • 10 hours is all you need, including flying time for most tours on the Island of Kauai

You’ve seen some great sights but now it is time to relax and enjoy the evening. Experience the best Hawaiian Dinner Cruises that Oahu has to offer. Kick back and experience choice foods while viewing our beautiful sunsets.
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