Tina’s Garden Cafe

Thai and Thai Fusion Curries, Soups, and Salads

Thai Food made with 100% local ingredients

Fresh, delicious Thai food served with love and Aloha – that’s what you can expect at this family-run restaurant. The owner, Tina Wu, was born and raised in northeast Thailand and brings her traditional Thai and Thai fusion gourmet dishes to customers in Hilo, Hawaii. All of the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced from the Big Island. Whether you’re a seasoned Thai foodie or trying it for the first time, Tina’s unique dishes are sure to please your palate. So come on by and enjoy a taste of Thailand right here in Hilo!


The northeastern side of the island of Hawaii


Located on the northeastern side of the island of Hawaii, Hilo offers breathtaking natural beauty plus all the amenities of a vibrant town. A busy farming and fishing area in early times, Hilo evolved into a commercial center in the 1800s. Downtown Hilo was built around its crescent-shaped bay and became the seat of county government. Today, downtown Hilo is a charming town offering museums, art galleries, shops, and restaurants. Across from historic Hilo Bay and nestled among the farmer’s and flower markets, Tina’s Garden is in the perfect location when you’re out and about exploring Hilo Town.


Are you intrigued by Tina’s Garden Cafe and wish to include it in your travel itinerary? Feel free to contact us! Our team is ready to assist in customizing your tour to ensure that a visit to this renowned restaurant becomes a highlight of your trip.


Traditional Thai food and Thai fusion dishes. While they do serve meat, the majority of Chef Tina’s artistic food has a vegetarian option. Every dish is prepared to order so can also be made vegan. The menu includes a wide variety of curries, soups, and salads – all flavored with locally grown organic herbs.

Fusion Specialties include Garlic Salmon Wrap, Tom Kah traditional Thai soup, Green Curry with Heart of Palm, Black Bean Fish, and more. Experience unique flavors like Mango Sticky Rice, blending sweet and savory in an innovative fusion treat.


The owners of this family-run restaurant were born and raised in the northeast region of Thailand. They use fresh, local ingredients from farmer’s markets in Hilo and the surrounding areas of the Big Island of Hawaii to provide traditional Thai and Thai fusion gourmet dishes. Tina Wu, the owner, has been serving her unique variety of Thai food to the people of Hilo for over 10 years. It is her passion to bring delicious local and organic goods to her customers. Every dish is presented beautifully with love and an extra amount of Aloha. Stop by and try some of their wonderful dishes!

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  • Monday to Saturday, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Closed on Sunday


Delivery is not available at Tina’s Garden Cafe – the restaurant offers takeout only. Please call or walk in to place your order.

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