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Aloha! We are here to help you travel to Hawaii in 2021.


Things can look a little crazy but as Hawaii travel experts itʻs our job to make your travel to Hawaii during the COVID-19 pandemic just a little bit better.

We are keeping up with everything there is to know about Hawaii so you donʻt have to. We are keeping track of the activity calendars, island rules, and state proclamations that seem to be changing all the time.

Our Hawaii-based, local travel experts are here to help you make sure your vacation works.

Check out these tips and ideas to stay healthy on your Hawaiian vacation.


Restrictions set by the governor and mayors within Hawaii do not impact our guests. We choose small group tours, outdoor activities, picnic locations for meals, and other experiences for visitors that meet safe operating requirements for COVID. For most tours and activities you will not need to show proof of test or vaccination.

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Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the process of getting to Hawaii and having a dream vacation.

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    Crafting a perfect vacation takes some experience and patience with lots of attention to detail to get things just right. If you donʻt mind having a few hiccups on your holiday then continue planning without local expert help. Remember, we are only a quick chat or email away!

Hiking Visitor on Kalalau Trail in Na Pali State Park North Kauai

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Start Planning A Trip To Hawaii

There are a few steps you need to go through to explore Hawaii without having to quarantine. Let’s look at how itʻs done.

Meeting The Travel Requirements

The Tests Or Vaccination

First, and foremost, to make a vacation a reality you need a negative test result within 72 hours prior to the direct (or last leg) of your journey to Hawaii or be fully vaccinated in the USA. Every person in the party 6 years and older, must have a negative test result from a variety of “Trusted Partners” set by the State Of Hawaii in they are not vaccinated.

Getting a test for children under 18 is more difficult so double-check all your testing options.

Multi-Island Vacations

You must be arriving from the mainland with a negative test or be vaccinated and exhibit no symptoms to bypass quarantine.

There are no extra test requirements to travel around the state.

Limited Group Sizes

Group sizes are severely limited depending on the island and the time frame of your journey. Parties must be staying in the same hotel or accommodation to qualify as a bubble for some tours.

Up until the end of October, groups are limited to 10 on Oahu (indoors) and 25 outdoors. This means interaction with people outside of your “family or accommodation group“. ie: If you are a diverse party of 8 traveling to Hawaii as a group, you must stay in your bubble, be at the same hotel to congregate together, and limit your contact with others. Individual party members can interact with other groups of no larger than 25 on Oahu and 25 on the other islands.

  • October 2020

    Tourism Opening Again After Full Quarantine Closure


    • Restrictions on group sizes to 5
    • No Luaus
    • No major events
    • Museums still mostly closed
    • No road tours, except for trolleys
    • Limited capacity boat tours
    • No dinner tours

    Maui & Kauai

    • Limit to groups of 10
    • No Luaus
    • 50% capacity on the bigger boats

    Big Island

    • No tours or groups outside of your immediate family group.
  • November 2020

    Slowly Opening Activities


    • Thanksgiving – if things go well, then group sizes increase to 10
    • Restrictions for most gatherings, tours, and activities in place

    Maui, Kauai & Big Island

    • Most tours and activities are in limited operation
    • Limited seating Luaus may be available by Thanksgiving

    November 2020

  • December 2020

    Continued Growth Of Services


    • Restrictions on groups stay at 5 during Christmas & New Yearʻs holiday unless itʻs an open-air situation or part of an essential service, like airport transfers.

    Maui, & Big Island

    • Most activities and tours are in operation with safety measures.
    • Transportation and restaurants are operating at 50% capacity limits.
    • Luaus and other group events are available with limited seating.


    • Opted out of the state testing program and is on a 10-day quarantine for leisure travel.
    • Group sizes are restricted.
  • January 2021

    No Changes In Restrictions


    • Restrictions on groups stay at 5 through the end of the month.
    • More attractions, luaus, and outdoor tours are opening again.

    Maui, & Big Island

    • Both islands are cautious about the rise in cases and may institute restrictions again if infections remain high.


    • Will continue to enforce a quarantine on travel and tourism.

    January 2021

  • April 2021

    Reduction In Requirements


    • Reduction of restrictions to visit the island from other islands

    Maui, Kauai & Big Island

    • Islands require a negative test to visit within 72 hours to bypass quarantine
  • June 2021

    Inter-island Travel Restrictions Dropped


    • Additional Openings
    • Group sizes increased

    Kauai, Maui & Big Island

    • Still require extra testing for visiting through the month.

    June 2021

  • July 2021

    Unrestricted Travel Within Hawaii

    Travel into the state and quarantine is bypassed by a negative test within 72-hours or being fully vaccinated.


    • Large groups allowed
    • Most venues are operating at greater than 50% capacity.

    Maui, Kauai & Big Island

    • All inter-island testing restrictions are removed.
  • September 2021

    Reducing Group Sizes & Drive Vaccination


    • New Restrictions on groups sizes
      • 10 indoors
      • 25 outdoors
    • Theaters, Bars & Restaurants
      • Show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test to dine-in
      • Take-out service is ok for all groups
      • Bars to close by 10pm

    Maui, Kauai & Big Island

    • These islands are cautious about the rise in cases and may institute restrictions again if infections remain high.

    September 2021

Getting The Test

When Should You Do The Test?

Here is an example, most flights to Hawaii arrive in the evening so they will be leaving many of the major continental US cities between 3pm and 7pm. A flight from SFO at 6:45pm on Monday, means I need to take the test anytime after 6:45pm on Friday.

  • Flight On Sunday At 3 pm – Do The Covid-19 Test Anytime After 3 pm on Thursday (Give an extra couple hours if your last flight is in a different time zone than where you live.)
  • Flight On Monday At 3 pm – Do The Covid-19 Test Anytime After 3 pm on Friday
  • Flight On Tuesday At 3 pm – Do The Covid-19 Test Anytime After 3 pm on Saturday
  • Flight On Wednesday At 3 pm – Do The Covid-19 Test Anytime After 3 pm on Sunday
  • Flight On Thursday At 3 pm – Do The Covid-19 Test Anytime After 3 pm on Monday
  • Flight On Friday At 3 pm – Do The Covid-19 Test Anytime After 3 pm on Tuesday
  • Flight On Saturday At 3 pm – Do The Covid-19 Test Anytime After 3 pm on Wednesday

You donʻt need the physical results with you. Many testing services will post the results on a website so you will be able to get that info and upload your result to the safe travel profile while at the airport if needed.

Airport plane Landing Hawaiian EX Oahu

Testing Options Near You

From The Airlines

Each airline is working to partner with local labs and other services in their main West Coast hubs that have direct flights to Hawaii. These options are not great yet as anyone with connecting flights from other places can not utilize their services. This is due to the fact that these testing services are outside of the airport and you would have to leave the security area to get tested. The only in terminal option is San Francisco (SFO) but you will pay a significant amount for that convenience, currently about $250 per person.

Drive-Up Testing

The best way is convenient drive-up testing that you can schedule ahead of time and have the results in your hand within an hour. If you live in a major city, itʻs not too difficult to find a few options to give you this test. You can make appointments online to schedule a time to visit a location, like CVS, Walgreens, or a local lab that is certified.

Unfortunately, for most of the country, getting a test done in-person can be many hours drive away, especially if you donʻt live near an Interstate Highway. The only option at that point is an at-home testing kit.

At-Home Supervised Test Kits

This system seems pretty advanced. The medical professional will watch you, using Zoom App, spit into a tube until there is enough to get a good reading. They make sure you are doing it correctly and there is no tampering with the sample. You seal it up, put it back into the envelope and drop it at the UPS, USPS or FedEx to be sent overnight to the lab. Within 2-3 days you will have your results on the computer.

We recommend Vault as the results are supervised and mailing is simple. You can also order individual tests for each member of your group. Be sure to order your test from the site a week before your flight.

There are at-home testing kits that are not-supervised and they will not be accepted by Hawaii officials. Watch out for the at-home kits that require you to visit a specific place to actually have it done.


Get a mask or face covering you will be comfortable to wear for many hours at a time without removing it.


The TSA will allow larger bottles of hand sanitizers to be carried through security so stock up at home for your entire trip.


There will be some deals for visitors arriving in 2020 but the real value you will get at this time is the lack of crowds. You can enjoy the natural splendors of the islands with very few other visitors.

At The Airport – The Flights & Your Airline

Believe it or not, there is no active screening for temperatures or symptoms prior to boarding your flight to Hawaii. There may be some random checks but there is no extra required screening for every person in place for domestic travelers.

You will be required to wear a mask from the moment you enter the terminal where you start your journey until you get in your own rental car or walk into your hotel room if you are using transportation or airport shuttles.

Once you arrive in Hawaii, you will undergo screening for symptoms at that point. You must declare you are symptom-free and your temperature will be checked. If you show symptoms or have a fever, you will be required to take a second test and remain in quarantine until a test is provided that shows you are negative.

Before departing for your vacation, take the first step at home: check the airline and airport websites for the most up-to-date, reliable information regarding flight changes and cancellations as well as requirements like negative test results, temperature checks, and other screenings. Things might take a little longer at TSA so be sure to get started with plenty of time to spare.


Most people are not used to wearing a mask for a long period of time so be sure that you have a comfortable setup that doesnʻt pull on your ears.


The airlines themselves are not providing any blankets, pillows, headphones, food, or drinks on flights. Be prepared to bring your own.

Testing Positive In Hawaii

We want to be straight up with visitors. We got to share what happens if you get a positive test while in Hawaii. You must quarantine for 10 days in the accommodation (a quarantine approved hotel or residence), no matter how long your trip originally was. This means if your original trip was only 7-days, it just got extended for 3 more days. There are programs and grants that can help cover the costs related to being in quarantine as well as community groups that can provide contactless services.

You will not be allowed to board a plane back to the mainland if it is known that you are a COVID-19 carrier.


Is 3 Nights Enough Time On Big Island?

The Big Island of Hawaii is huge, sorry to be obvious. There is no way to see everything in just 4 days. You can see the highlights in a few days which is what this package is about.

Is 3 Nights Enough Time On Maui?

There is never enough time on any of the Hawaiian islands. Most visitors tend to spend over a week on the island. There are a ton of great beaches, towns to explore and incredible parks. Our 4-day tour allows you to get in some great sunsets, beach time, tour the road to Hana and hit a Luau. For someone who needs a break or is doing a multi-island vacation, then this works out pretty perfectly.

What does Paniolo mean?

Paniolo is the Hawaiian name for cowboy. The Big Island paniolos are world class cowboys who have won many national awards for their horsemanship skills.

What island is the best to visit to stay healthy?

Most colds & flu-type viruses do better in cooler weather so choosing Hawaii is a step in a healthy direction. The CDC recommends that you wash your hands often and keep a little distance (about 3 feet) between your group and others. Overall the most populous of the Hawaiian Islands is Oahu and of the main islands, Kauai has the fewest people. So you have a better chance of not being around people on Kauai than you would on Oahu. If you follow their recommendations then you should stay very healthy throughout your vacation.

What Can I Do To Prevent Getting Sick?

  1. The very best way to not get sick is to not be stressed but we know that is almost impossible. Itʻs the reason why most people are taking a vacation, to help de-stress!
  2. The next best thing is to keep clean. Wash your hands often. Definitely before every meal and after visiting any public places.
  3. You can also wear a facemask that can filter about 50% of the air you breathe in public areas.
  4. Choose accommodations that use HEPA filters. Ask our concierge staff about it.
  5. Stay at hotels that adhere to a higher standard when it comes to cleaning protocols.
  6. Get outdoors and away from the crowds. Choose tours and activities for small groups. All our Pearl Harbor Tours are 12 guests or less.

What Are We Doing To Keep Guests Safe?

Our teams and vendors take our guestsʻ safety seriously. Our road tour vehicles are cleaned, wiped down and sprayed with disinfectant nightly. Depending on the location and activity, guests will be offered options like cleaning wipes or hand sanitizers. Shared equipment are cleaned after each use including helmets used on ziplines and biking tours as well as snorkels and masks. We monitor our staff very closely so we catch any illness before it spreads.

Is The Coronavirus Affecting Hawaii?

This particular illness thrives in cooler climates so Hawaii is not impacted at this time. There has been some cases that have occurred here but no deaths or widespread infections are reported. Residents have become more cautious, purchasing basic household supplies in bulk so that they donʻt have to go out to the stores as often.  Across the state there are still a lot of visitors from across the world enjoying their vacations without disruption.


Most travelers themselves are not going to be affected. Still, you should plan for when you return from your vacations to not visit older friends and relatives who might be more susceptible to sickness for a few weeks afterward.

Hawaii Vacation Packages

There are a lot of ways you can enjoy Hawaii, even if all the activities are not yet fully operational by the time you plan to visit.

This is the perfect time to experience some of Hawaiiʻs more natural adventures. Itʻs a great time to get a more personal, guided experience of Hawaii as most tour operations have to operate with fewer people and social distance or operate in a “bubble”. Sightseeing, helicopter, hiking, horseback riding, zip lines, and other tours are becoming more private and exclusive to your party.

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