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The Highest Rooftop Pool in Waikiki

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Just 2 blocks from the beachfront

Gaze out at the skyline of Waikiki from the city’s highest rooftop pool, and plan for an expedition into the wild wonders of Oahu from the comfort of a spacious room with a comfortable bed. At Aqua Pacific Monarch, it is easy to have a blast! In addition to the many incredible amenities the hotel offers, its prime position in the heart of one of Hawaii’s most exciting areas makes it a jumping-off point for anything from ocean sailing to volcano hiking!

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Please contact us if you are interested in staying at the Aqua Pacific Monarch Hotel. Many tours depart from here and the resort is conveniently located near many of O’ahu’s most popular attractions. We provide full vacation packages that include all nights at this hotel with day trips to other islands too!

The Area

Waikiki is a hub of unmatched shopping, cultural exploration, and beach fun! This energetic and beautiful city is a favorite for travelers from all over the world, and it isn’t hard to see why. In addition to all the excitement of the city itself, it is also perfectly located between the ocean and lush nature preserves, making it easy to get out and witness the beauty of Oahu’s natural splendor.

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Nearby Activities

The ocean is right at your door! Step out into the Waikiki sun and get ready for a day on the water. Whether it is swimming, snorkeling, sailing, diving, or whale watching, there is something for everyone on the Oahu coast. With just a short drive or walk, you can find yourself in historic buildings like the former royal palace of Hawaii’s old monarchs or out for a horseback riding adventure surrounded by the natural beauty of Oahu. There is more to do here than you could ever hope to sample, but the convenient location of the Aqua Pacific Monarch will make it that much easier for you to experience everything that you can, so don’t miss the opportunity.

The Hotel

This conveniently located hotel is the beachfront getaway that you need. With large rooms and incredible views from the windows and the rooftop pool, you can get a full Hawaii experience even before you leave the front door. Each room features a nice kitchenette, so you can make food for yourself in the comfort of your suite if you don’t feel like going out, and when coupled with the vast options for dining out, it gives you the chance to experience culinary delights for the entire duration of your trip. Come and take advantage of every little amenity and comfort that we can provide at the Aqua Pacific Monarch.

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The Pool

The pool at the Aqua Pacific Monarch is the highest rooftop pool in Waikiki! From the incredible vantage point that this offers, it is easy to relax while taking in the whole skyline of the city, the ocean, and more. There is nothing quite like it on Oahu, so go and experience it for yourself!

Dining at Aqua Pacific Monarch

Eat where the locals eat and get a real taste of Waikiki cuisine. Musubi Cafe Iyasume has incredible flavors with fresh ingredients, perfect for a delicious and convenient meal. Its location on the ground floor of the hotel gives every guest easy access to incredible food whenever they want. Hy’s Steak House is just a quick trip away as well, with perfectly cooked steaks awaiting anyone wanting something hearty for dinner.

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